Our Services

We provide wide range of door repair services, which includes bedroom door, washroom door, parts including locks, hinges, and knobs

Repair, Service & Install, Pipes, Chokes, Sink, Toilet, Kitchen, Heaters, Bathroom, Accessories

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Maintenance – MCST, Commercial Retail / Reinstatement & Disposal

Our Prices

Services Estimated Rate (Includes labour and transport only)
Door Repair Prices
Door Lock Replacement From $90
Gate Lock Replacement From $180
Door Handle/Knob Replacement From $90
Door Hinge Replacement From $80
Cabinet Hinge Replacement From $70
Cupboard Hinge Replacement From $70
Drilling Services                
Hang Pictures / Artwork From $70, addtl items from $40
Hang Mirror From $120
Bathroom Accessories Installation From $70
Pull Up Bar Installation From $70
Installing Curtain Rods From $70
Wall Mounted Shelves From $70, addtl items from $40
Handyman Plumber Prices
Pipe Leak Repair From $75
Pipe Installation / Replacement From $100
Clear Kitchen Sink Choke From $120
Clear Toilet Bowl Choke From $120
Clear Floor Trap Choke From $100
Install/Replace Toilet Bowl From $180
Install/Replace Tap From $60
Install Kitchen Sink Tap From $75
Install/Replace Shower Sets From $80
Water Heater Services
Install/Replace Storage Heater From $150
Install/Replace Instant Heater From $100
Electrical Handyman Prices
Install Wall Fan From $120
Install Ceiling Fan From $150
Install/Replace Electrical Socket From $65
Install/Replace Light Bulbs From $60
Install/Replace Light Switch From $60
Painting Services Singapore Price
3-Room Painting From $1,280
4-Room Painting From $1,480
5-Room Painting From $1,580
5-Room Executive From $1,780
Install/Replace Door Lock From $90
Unlocking Door From $50
Lock Installation From $90
Gate Lock Replacement From $180
Furniture Assembly
Shelf Assembly From $80
Table/Chairs Assembly From $60
Storage Furniture Assembly From $80
Bed Frame Assembly Enquire for Price
Ikea Furniture Assembly Enquire for Price
Tao Bao Furniture Assembly Enquire for Price
Custom Carpentry Enquire for Price